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🎈For Any Causes of Hair loss: Effective Treatment of Psychogenic Alopecia, Malnutrition alopecia, Hereditary alopecia, Endocrine Disorders alopecia, Hypo Immunity alopecia, Diffuse alopecia, Pathological alopecia, Focal alopecia (Areata), Androgenic alopecia, Postpartum alopecia and Other Causes of Hair Loss.
🎈Mild Natural Ingredients: Without adding any harsh chemicals such as flavors and pigments, Sipimo Hair Essence Luxury Spray has herbal light brown color with the smell of herbs, improves nourishes follicles and increases elasticity of scalp to create Suitable environment needed for healthy hair growth. It is gentle on the hair strands With No Side Effects.
🎈Increase Scalp Circulation: The Powerful Formula Helps Remove Hair Follicle-Blocking Sebum and Inhibit Build-Up of DHT, A Hormone that Can Slow Hair Growth, Elimination of Free Radicals. Balance Sebum Production, Reconstruct Scalp Barrier Function, Polygonum multiflorum & Ginseng Help Increase Scalp Circulation for Healthier, Fuller Hair.
🎈Fast Absorbing & Acting: See Optimistic Results in 90 Days, Stimulates and Enhances the Biotin Build-Up Process to Slow Hair Loss and achieve the effect of hair prevention.
🎈 We Care About Your Worries: If Sipimo Hair Essence Luxury Spray is not working on you, please DM us ASAP, we will refund 100% of the fees you have paid. If you like it and glad to recommend sharing our products, we will offer 30% of the price as reward for showing our sincerity.


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